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Our Standards

We are UMF Certified

UMF Association

The UMF® logo clearly states the quantity of unique Mānuka in our honey products. Our UMF membership numbers are 1069 and 2212.

The UMF® grading system has two components which are expressed on any licenced honey product:

1. The label claim that it is Mānuka
2. The number – this represents three chemical markers that indicate the content of this honey to ensure purity and quality.

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We are MPI Assured

MPI Assured

All honey labelled as Mānuka for export must be tested by an MPI-recognised laboratory to make sure it meets the new Mānuka honey definition. The Mānuka honey definition is made up of a combination of 5 attributes (4 chemicals from nectar and 1 DNA marker from Mānuka pollen). This allows industry to:

– separate Mānuka honey from other honey types
– identify it as either monofloral or multifloral Mānuka honey

UMF Certification
Notice of Registration
Halah Certificate
MPI Registration