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Manuka 250g UMF5+

Mānuka Honey UMF5+ 250g

NZ Bees Mānuka Honey UMF 5+ is a genuine, mono-floral Mānuka honey with a guaranteed minimum of 83mg/kg MGO.
NZ Bees table honey 1000g

Clover Honey 1kg

NZ Bees Natural Table Honey has a mild delicate flavour and velvety texture and is one of the most popular honey varieties worldwide.
NZ Bees Manuka honey 5+ 1kg

Mānuka Honey UMF5+ 1kg

NZ Bees Mānuka Honey UMF 5+ is a genuine, mono-floral Mānuka honey with a guaranteed minimum of 83mg/kg MGO.
NZ Bees Packhouse

NZ Bees Packhouse

Our packhouse is located in Aongatete, New Zealand. We use state of the art packing equipment and operate in a clean room environment. This enables us to produce world-class honey with a high degree of food safety, free of contamination and other micro-organisms.
customer Testimonial

Julie Estrada


This product is pricey but definitely worth it. Using Manuka honey on my face once daily cured my stubborn acne within a week and has continued improving my complexion with clarity and moisture. I use about a tablespoon and apply it all over my face and neck for 20-30 mins at least 5 days a week. When the time is up, I massage any excess honey into my face & rinse with warm water to remove stickiness. I then follow up with a regular skincare routine. At first, especially if you have open acne sores, it might burn or tingle, but that’s normal! Manuka honey is antibacterial and simply cleans out the wound. Probably my favorite thing about this product is that it’s like Windex, meaning, you can use it for just about anything! (I recently started adding Manuka honey to my tea to help with reflux). Finally, it is important to note that in order to get all those awesome healing and antibacterial properties from Manuka honey it needs to have a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of at least 20+.

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About us

We are proud of the quality and consistency of the product and service provided to our customers. We offer a range of world-class Manuka and table honeys. All orders are treated with the utmost care to meet the needs. Our honey is collected from our own hives, located throughout the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand. We have our own packing house for the processing and bottling of our own honey. This way we control the product from when we collect the honey to when we deliver the product to your front door.

We source our honey from the wildness regions of New Zealand

New Zealand wilderness

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Placing Hives in the field

Hives are distributed across the New Zealand Bay of Plenty region. Many of the hives are located in wilderness areas producing quality and flavours unique to the region.

Wild Honeycomb

Wild honecomb

Pure New Zealand Honey